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Phone Number


* Only major us carriers supported
* Necessary to send text message notification

Due to interest in my course sniper, I have removed the required activation key for registration. Access to this services is now open to all users who are interested.
*Support for other phone carriers is possible just not implemented. If you would like support for an unlisted carrier email me and I will see what I can do.
This course sniper in no way guarantees that you will get into the class you want. I can only promise that you will be notified if the class is open for at least a minute. Classes my close before you able to load the page and sign up.
I do provide you a direct link to webreg and the ability to quickly reset your requests. So that if you have the best change of getting the classes you need.
This course sniper is not managed by Rutgers University. That being said for security reasons don't use your Rutgers NetID and password to set up your account
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